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ニューヨークモーターショー2016ワールドプレミア TOYOTA技術展示
Butterfly Effect
of Prius Prime

ワールドプレミア TOYOTA技術展示

Role :

SmartGlass Movie Art Direction

Credit :

  • Client: トヨタ自動車
  • Production: CMC corporation / SOMA DESIGN / TAKENAKA / TELMIC / Color Kinetics Japan / MUDSNAIL / DAINANASOUCO CO,.LTD. / AID-DCC Inc.

[All] Communication Planner/Producer 稲川博 (CMC corporation), Creative Direction/Concept Design 福井武 (SOMA DESIGN), Project Manager/Projection 高山英樹 (TAKENAKA)

[WireArt] Product Coordinator 崎山雅之 (TELMIC), Developer 樋口真樹 (TELMIC), Developer 茂木至 (TELMIC), Developer 深井将 (TELMIC), Drawer 林泰宏 (TELMIC), Illumination & SmartGlass Design 山下匡紀 (Color Kinetics Japan), Illumination & SmartGlass Engineer 宮原佑輔 (Color Kinetics Japan), 3d Art Modeling 藤本有輝 (MUDSNAIL)

[Object] Director/Developer 星桂樹 (DAINANASOUCO CO.LTD.), Developer 小林良太 (DAINANASOUCO CO.LTD.), Developer ウーロン茶 (DAINANASOUCO CO.LTD.)

[Display] SmartGlass Movie Art Director 田渕将吾 (AID-DCC Inc.), SmartGlass Motion Designer 細金卓矢, SmartGlass Motion Designer のむらほのこ, SmartGlass Sound Designer 吉武諭